Wednesday, June 5, 2013

City Project: Proof of Concept Demo Video (HD)

I finished this 'Proof of Concept' demo of my 'City Project' a little more than a year ago but, with the software I was using at the time and my modest PC, I could only record a quite low resolution gameplay video of it. I now use a better program that, usually, lets me record videos at 720p and decent framerates, so today I thought maybe I should make another video of the demo using it.

link to the HD version

The demo is still the same, it's far from a finished game but, if you want to try it, you can download it from: I programmed it using C++, DirectX 9.0c, OpenAL and Bullet Physics. I haven't worked on this project since then, although maybe some day I'll resume it. The goal back then was just making this 'Proof of Concept' demo and start working on a different game, High Entropy

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 'Proof of Concept' demo is now available

You can download it here. Keep in mind this is a very early demo, it still isn't much fun to play and there are tons of things that need improvements (the city is small, there are very few things to do, the AI is too basic, there are some bugs...). It's just meant as a milestone for the project, a 'proof of concept', a way for me of having something to show and test to see how things are developing and where I can take it from here, but I've decided to release it in case someone wants to check it out or help me test it.

'City' Project: 'Proof of Concept' Demo

I recommend taking a look at the README file before playing, it contains information about the requirements, controls, known bugs (there's one that makes the camera go blank that seems to happen more often than I thought), things I want to add in future versions, the credits... Note: from the feedback I've received so far, the demo doesn't seem to work too well with integrated/intel graphics cards (low or too variable framerates and strange behavior of the traffic), something I expected but didn't add to the README file.

Now, I'm going to take some time apart from this project, the last couple of weeks have been quite intense trying to include everything I wanted in the demo and make it work.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Video: 'City' Project: 'Proof of Concept' Demo

I've decided it's about time I make the first working demo of the project, and the last few weeks I've been trying to implement what I'm calling a 'Proof of Concept' demo, given the early state of the project, that includes all that I've made so far. Here's a video:

I'm planning on publishing the demo this week when I've polished it a little more, in case someone is interested in checking it out or helping me test it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indie DB page for my 'City' project

I decided to make an Indie DB page for the game, which I'm calling 'City' Project for now. It has been approved and you can visit it here.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Work in progress screenshots 30: The city is back

I'm putting the city back together. I want to have a working demo with all that I've made so far, which was my original goal, and take some time apart from this project to learn some other things, like Unity, and/or make a shooter...

Main things I've yet to do to have what I want for the demo: integrate back the pedestrians, the HUD and the taxi missions into my new code; plus some other minor details.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Work in progress video 53: Game menus

Here's a video of the first working version of the main menu's custom GUI I'm coding for the game (the sounds are just placeholders to test if everything works as expected):