Thursday, June 20, 2013

High Entropy (WIP Gameplay 20130620)

I have been working on this level, which will end up being the second one in the game, for the last few weeks. I chose this level as the first 'real' one to make because it serves as an introduction to many of the adventure mechanics of the game (and some shooting, although just a first taste) which meant that, in order to have it working properly, I was going to have to add many of the key features I wanted in the game but hadn't made so far or needed more work (interact with computers and communicate with other devices using them, pick up things, check your inventory, use things from the inventory with the environment to solve puzzles, read documents, search bodies/containers/desks...).

link to the HD version

I'm quite happy with how it's taking shape, so today I thought it was time to make this work in progress gameplay video showing the current state of the level, which is not finished but at last close to what I planned. I don't want to reveal much of the story, so I'll just explain that the main character is wearing a pair of augmented reality glasses that show him a HUD with extra information about the things he sees, and his ammo and health levels, that also include an artificial intelligence that gives him tips and descriptions of things when asked (that's the robotic voice you hear in the video).


  1. O capricho esta nos detalhes. Gostei de como você abaixa a arma ao correr. A Unity3D existe justamente para que as pessoas prestem a atenção nos pequenos detalhes. Pena que tão pouca gente se importa com esse tipo de coisa. Parabéns.